Show God’s Love

As Christians, we are called to help bring people to Christ by showing our neighbors God’s love. We serve as reflection of God through the ways that we are able to show His love. The more that other’s are able to see and understand God’s love through us, the more that they will learn to seek and trust in God’s love themselves. This is why Life ministry is first set on showing God’s love. We do this through our volunteer groups, survival kits, resource guides, and holiday celebrations.


Life Ministry intends to have a schedule of volunteer groups to serve at homeless outreach organizations all over Metro Detroit. Join us to connect and serve with kind/loving people, and possibly leave this experience with some new friends. We first show God’s love by serving others.


On too many occasions homeless victims miss the opportunity to find help and support through the local programs available. Life Ministry is partnering with all of local organizations to create a resource guide for the homeless to not only know that support is available, but to also be able to find it. We have created a Life Line for you to call and find emergency resources in our community


We are accepting new or gently use clothes, shoes, household items.. Also, hygiene, and toiletries. Daily we meet people that are in need of these things. Help us, help those in need. Email us to get us your donations

Holiday Image

Holiday Celebrations

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to celebrate our holidays and experience love and joy throughout these special days of the year. This is why we throw holiday celebration parties throughout the year. These events are perfect opportunities to connect and enjoy life with fellow brothers and sisters in homeless shelters. Please find our upcoming celebrations in the volunteer scheduling page. We look forward to celebrating with you.